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08 August 2008 @ 06:52 pm
I'm extending the deadline for applications until this Monday night, mostly because I realize a lot of people might be gone/busy at Otakon and because I also have schedule conflicts of my own.

So, yes! This is a reminder for those who might be interested in becoming sos_icontest's new mod: click here for more information!
06 August 2008 @ 04:07 pm
Happy 2nd birthday to sos_icontest! Without realizing it, I let it pass and now I'm a day late. >_< So with that, this post is in order!

SOS_ICONTEST is looking for a new mod!
I think this would be an appropriate time to pass the icontest down to someone actually... capable of being a decent mod. I'd also like to apologize for my overall mediocre performance as a mod to this wonderful icontest, and would like to thank everyone, especially lassos and aetherae, for being a big help!

Essentially, as of now, no one is mod/co-mod/backup mod of sos_icontest. I'm wiping the slate clean, and that's what this post is for. This is going to be like the first time I looked for a co-mod, so here's how it will roll: If you are interested in becoming the new mod for sos_icontest, please comment here! In your comment, please include the following:

E-mail address:
Availability: (in other words, do you have enough time/attention span to do this?)
Any previous experience moderating for any community?
How will you contribute/change how this icontest works?
On a scale of 1-10, 10 being OH GOD YES I WANT THIS, how much do you want to become mod?

Comments are screened! Please comment here by 9PM EST on Friday, August 8th. At that time, I will send an e-mail to all applicants with a list of the responsibilities they will be expected to fulfill. Then they can reply with whether or not they still want to do this!

Once I pick a new mod, they're basically free to do whatever they want here and I won't butt in. They are free to change the rules, the layout, the schedule, everything, because it will be their icontest by then.

So... that's it! Thank you for the fun two years, everyone, and I apologize again for becoming a progressively bad moderator. ♥

-- theatrically
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13 July 2008 @ 11:42 pm
This week's theme is "Weather"! This was suggested by fullmetalkatu over at our Theme Suggestion Post, so thank you! Here is a description of the theme's objective as fullmetalkatu said:

Weather-- based on, "spotty showers" or "sunny" or "partially sunny"-- that type of phrasing must be included in the icon, and the image must be relavent to the words. (Alternatively, someone could have a picture of a sunny day with the word "thunderstorms?")
For more weather-related terms, here is a list! In addition, common weather terms that are usually heard on TV or seen in forecasts are also accepted.

× Make sure you know the rules before turning in an entry.
× Reply to this post with your icon and its URL.
× Participants are allowed to submit UP TO TWO ENTRIES.
× Feel free to ask questions on this post!
× The deadline for entries is Saturday, around 9PM EST.
× Do you have any suggestions for themes? Send them over to this post!

Recommended Picture Resources:
× SOS-dan.com's image board
× The AnimeSuki Forums' SOS-dan image thread
× Random Curiosity's SHnY anime blog
× Memento's SHnY anime blog
× Visual Haruhiism, scans by nenena.
* Remember that fanart is not allowed, so please learn to distinguish official art from unofficial/fan art when looking through these.
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13 July 2008 @ 11:05 pm
Sorry for the huge delay for results for Week 61! XD I should have noticed sooner. Anyhow, I believe we're still way behind with banners, so if anyone would like to volunteer to make some, that would be greatly appreciated! The results are under the cuts.

Week 61: No FaceCollapse )

Week 62 Restart: Image Theme 5Collapse )

× Since the Winners & Hall of Fame post hasn't been updated in a while, I will withhold any new inductions into the Hall of Fame until the Winners table has been fully updated. If any new inductees are found in the process, I will make a post about it.
× Again, repeating the request for banner makers. ;w;
× Thanks to everyone for a successful comeback!
× The submission post will be up shortly.
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13 July 2008 @ 10:58 pm
There's one tiebreaker for a placing this week! Please vote for one of the two icons under the cut! The results for both Week 61 and Week 62 plus the new submission post will be put up after this is finished.

I will never leave you.Collapse )

× The tie will be settled once five votes are counted.